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Application NoLocationProposal
20NP0021CO2 Scrainwood Cottages, Alnham, NE66 4TPProposed rear extension to agricultural workers cottage
20NP0019LBCThe Manor, High Green, Tarset, NorthumberlandListed Building Consent - Removal of a later panel of stonework in the agricultural building known as the Danish Barn, insertion of gutter between Danish Barn and Unit 3
20NP0018ELon land south of Ewe Hill, Ingram, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 4TLRelocation of existing wood pole no.15
20NP0016on land east of The White House, Harbottle, Northumberland, NE65 7DGDemolition of existing summerhouse and construction of a one bedroom holiday cottage with annexe providing additional accommodation (for separate rental or combined)
20NP0017COLand at Cold Law, Kirkwhelpington, NorthumberlandNeighbouring Authority Consultation - Construction of a publicly accessible landmark, commissioned to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II and the Commonwealth
20NP0015Elsdon Village Hall, Elsdon, Northumberland, NE19 1ABInstallation of 12.3 metre streetworks pole and associated infrastructure, including omni antenna, GPS antenna and 3G antenna to total height of 13.8 metres
20NP0014Redmire Cottage, Lanehead, Tarset, Northumberland, NE48 1NXConstruction of geodesic dome greenhouse
20NP0013Evistones Cottage, Rochester, Northumberland, NE19 1RYA revised scheme pursuant to LPA ref: 19NP0014 - Demolition of an existing dwelling and outbuildings and the construction of a replacement dwelling and replacement outbuildings, including change of use from agricultural land to residential curtilage - granted on 15th May for two small extensions to the outbuildings, relocation of dog pen and insertion of bi-fold doors on replacement dwelling
19NP0101The Orchards, Harbottle, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65 7DHTree Preservation Order - Felling of 3 Horse Chestnut, 3 Rowan, 1 Ash, 14 Sycamore, 13 Holly, 1 Silver Birch, 2 Cherry, 2 Oak, 1 Beech, 1 Wych Elm, 1 Douglas Fir, 1 Aspen, 1 Elm. Deadwooding of 1 Lime, 1 Yew and 1 Sycamore. Crown reduction of 3 Holly and 1 Yew and Crown Lift 1 Rowan, 1 Yew and 1 Holly

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